About Me

        I am a designer who tries his best to integrate what he sees and what he imagines. Therefore, until now, I have tried to reach my limits academically and see more as an experience and still exploring.
        As we know, designing interior spaces has a variety of branches and designers must be experts or at least improve their selves in some specific branches such as like; construction, retailing, shopfitting, gastronomy, social spaces or even vehicles like airplanes and yachts. I choose to study in yacht design for my master's degree with the knowledge of challenge that ships, vessels, and yachts are extremely different than regular spaces. Being on a sea requires extra precautions since the whole space is moving constantly. Extra details for the furniture to make it round edges for safety, space-saving methods, choosing proper materials when considering the total weight of the boat and other specific points takes the design to the next level.
        Secondly, designing yachts gave me a path to take a second look at my design understanding. I have continued my studies in Milano, Italy which is one of the design and fashion capitals in the world. Collaborating projects with students from all over the world in design paradise have improved my approach to the design.
        Meanwhile, I have continued to work for different companies to gain more experience to learn the vital points of my profession. The variety of companies are changing from a small family business that makes kitchen cabinets to the large-scale corporate firms that export office furniture 33 countries all around the world. Even though it makes you feel like spending your time for nothing when you are worked for a small-scaled company for six months and there is nothing to add to your portfolio, it becomes a game-changer when you work for international companies and helping carpenters to finish projects on time or knowing how to implement the stairs perfectly.
        As a conclusion, I can clearly say that as interior designers, we have to get some dust in our pants while working. It is a vital point of our profession to balance both designing and executing. Until now, I have tried my best to follow this path and still pursuing it passionately.

I hope you will enjoy my portfolio & personal blog.


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