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Zeylaa Steakhouse

The place is located in one of the most calming areas, next to the red river, which is the largest river in Turkey. Due to the rapid changes in each season, the location gives us a great chance to place the restaurant so the customers can experience four different views for the whole year around.
Nowadays, the steakhouse culture is rapidly becoming a trend more than before. From small restaurants to the largest steakhouses, everyone into the art of grilling and looking for new ways for making dry-aged meats. However, you can only rely on famous restaurants due to their experiences. At this point, we wanted to integrate the experience with how it looks. We had some examples from the best steakhouses in Turkey, as to how it looks and how it works. And our goal is to have another perspective, which is integrating steakhouse culture with mid-eastern cuisine.
We shaped the design process according to using the right materials that represent where the cuisine comes from and what we are cooking in the kitchen.

  • Zeylaa Group
  • Gastronomy
  • Construction, Design, Branding
  • September 2019
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